April 17, 2021

Cause of Weather Headaches


Following on from the previous article entitled symptoms of weather headaches, we now turn our attention to the cause of weather headaches.

Throughout history, people have known that the weather plays a significant role in the world around them including their health. However, the reason why it should cause some people to experience headaches is  not fully understood at present. Various suggestion have been forwarded such as:

  • Ionization.
  • Pressure variations in various tubes, sacs, cavities and blood vessels in the head region, or
  • Pressure related chemical changes in the body.
Cause of Weather Headaches

Cause of Weather Headaches

One of the more popular suggestions for the cause of weather headaches involves the association between varying air pressure and changing oxygen levels in the head. When oxygen levels fluctuate, the blood vessels respond by either dilating or constricting and this, in conjunction with various chemical being released, leads to headaches and migraines.

However, recent studies using MRI and other techniques indicate that the situation is more complex in nature, and that numerous changes can occur in the brain leading to headache or migraine formation. Even though the precise cause and mechanism may still remain elusive, fortunately, effective treatment of weather headache symptoms is still possible.

WeatherHeadaches.com will aim to keep you informed when new studies and research shed further light on the underlying cause of weather headaches. The next article in this series will consider weather headaches and the weather because through understanding how they interact, a person will be able to control and treat their headaches more effectively.

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